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Apparel Connexion partners with Canada’s key apparel human resources and industry leaders. Members of Apparel Connexion benefit from our national association that strives to improve our human resources related issue, and apparel companies are represented in Ottawa and provincially. We also address national and international issues.

Services to our members

Apparel Connexion offers a wide range of information and services:

  • Labour Market Information: exclusive up to date data on the Apparel Industry.
  • Strategic Planning: based on our labour market information we offer tailored strategic planning for all sizes of apparel companies.
  • Human Resources Knowledge: valuable HR training, HR tools and networking.
  • Job Sources Center: our brand new Job Board brings employers and employees together.
  • Events: Workshops, Seminars and Webinars.
  • Networking: Through our experience, events and web tools stay in touch with the industry.
  • WorkPlace Skills Training CDs: a new shopping section to get access to these great tools.

In addition to these services:

  • Members get full access to our “Web Tool Kits” Human Resource training kits for every position in the apparel industry. They also get valuable “expanded” information and industry news.
  • Members get access to expert advice from our associates and partners.
  • Apparel Connexion develops practical training programs that meet the needs of employers.
  • Members get a 25% discount on our products, and on all fees for training and events.

Apparel Connexion's Partners

Some of Apparel Connexion working partners are the Canadian Apparel Federation, Fur Council of Canada, Vestechpro, Retail Council of Quebec (CQCD), CTT Groupe, and the Comité Sectoriel de Main-d'oeuvre de l'industrie textile du Québec (CSMO).

Representation in Ottawa

Apparel Connexion is an active member of the Alliance of Sector Councils in Ottawa.

Human Resources Development

Apparel Connexion manages the Career Focus program, which provides funding for employers and organizations to create career-related work experiences for post-secondary graduates, to help them gain advanced employability skills and then facilitate their transition into the labour market. It gives back salary subsidies to employers hiring recent graduates under 31 years old.

Testimonials from members of the industry

''I have taken part in one of your projects [Career Focus] and it has helped me greatly.'' - Kathryn Bass, owner and designer of Kathryn Bass Bridal.

Types and fees for membership

Members: Manufacturer, wholesalers, importers, integrated vertical retailers, sewing contractors, apparel associations and apparel workers union representatives plus individuals working for any of the employers in the industry segments mentioned above.
Annual Fee: $ 75.00

Associate member: Vendors, suppliers, and consultants to the industry plus individuals working for any of the employers mentioned in this group.
Annual Fee: $100.00

School: Teachers, colleges and universities plus individuals working for any of the employers mentioned in this group. Includes up to 5 users.
Annual Fee: $300.00

Partner: Students, government officials, and anybody else the organization identify as a partner.
Annual Fee: $25.00


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