Quebec Apparel & Textile Career Focus Program 2015- 2017

The program is complete

APPAREL CONNEXION has successfully allocated its entire subsidy budget for the 2015-2017 edition of our QUEBEC APPAREL & TEXTILE CAREER FOCUS Program. Thank you to everyone who applied and best of luck to all the new participants!
>> To any company or candidate still wishing to participate in the program: please send your contact info so we can let you know about the next program or any other opportunity that may become available. ( or


The Quebec Apparel & Textile Career Focus Program is an initiative from Apparel Connexion to help the Quebec Small and Medium apparel and textile enterprises to hire the talent they need and for recent graduates to gain the work experience they require for starting their Career. This initiative started on 2014 and had benefit 42 youth.


This program is funded in part by Service Canada under the Youth Employment Strategy and offers salary subsidies of up to $16 000 per participant.


What does the Program give to recent graduates?

  • The skills to get into the apparel and textile job market.
  • A « learning » environment to make the transition to the job market.
  • A coaching in situ and a feedback on their output.

What does the Program give to employers?

  • New talent to implement their succession strategies, with less financial risk.
  • Access a pool of young professionals in fields which can encourage the innovation.
  • Increase the possibilities to hire a permanent worker. 

Success Stories :

« The Program gave me a work experience relative to my studies field in international management: a work experience which will allow me in the future to reach greater challenges », Sophie, 26 years – Quebec Apparel and Textile Career Focus participant


Rules and Conditions:


  • All participations are minimum of 6 months participation and maximum 12 months.
  • Full time positions only (30 hours min).
  • Candidates to the program:
    • must be post-secondary graduates (college or university) and must work in their field of study;
    • must be between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive);
    • must be out of school;
    • must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada;
    • must be legally entitled to work in Canada;
    • must not be beneficiary of Employment Insurance.
  • Eligible positions may include: information technology application (e.g.: marker making, e-commerce, web), industrial or mechanical engineering, production machinery repair and maintenance, production supervision and management (assistant), quality assurance, design (using a CAD station), financial/accounting and so on.
  • This program is not intended for existing employees of the employer (NEW hires only)
  • Employers must have a nepotism policy in place with regards to participants.
  • The subsidy is payed on quarterly basis. Social Advantages are covered by the employer. 50% of the salary is reimbursed up to 16 000$ per year (8$ per hour).
  • Space is limited and subsidies will be available at a “first come first served basis”.


How to apply?

Employers must submit their application to the Program prior to hiring the candidate.

The following information/documentation will be required:


  • CAREER FOCUS PARTICIPANT CONSENT: completed and signed by the candidate
  • Attestation Form: to be completed and signed by the employer;
  • Apparel Connexion's Application Form: to be completed and signed by the employer
  • English or French copy of the diploma (post-secondary);
  • Official document proving date of birth (birth certificate, passport, driver's license...);
  • Resume/CV (up to date);
  • Jobs description

The application process from submission to approval takes an average of 1-5 business days.

For the application forms and more information please contact:


Zulma Martinez
Project manager at APPAREL CONNEXION
Tel.: (514) 388-7779 ext. 103, Fax: 888-738-7854


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